What Students Say

“An ideal companion on the academic journey. Guides and supports you throughout your research phase and your writing. His questions and suggestions provide plenty of food for thought.  A conscientious supervisor. Always prepared and making you be prepared, too. Divides your work in small digestible tasks. With him, you always know where you are in your thesis.  Has a great sense of humor and is very approachable.  Replies to all your mails rapidly. Answers in detail. Corrects your work fastidiously.  Seriously, teachers like you do not grow on trees.”

“I chose Joshua Dubrow to supervise my MA Thesis last year and it transpired to be one of the best choices in my life. Seriously. Writing an MA Thesis is not a simple thing. Further, writing a decent MA Thesis is really a difficult job. If you want to GET MOTIVATED ON A REGULAR BASIS, RECEIVE PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS, BE GIVEN PRICELESS ADVICE, DEAL WITH INTERESTING TOPICS and BE GUIDED IN A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE OF COOPERATION, just choose the MA Seminar conducted by Joshua. When I talked to my friends … they were always amazed by my progress and Joshua’s involvement and commitment. I really recommend him as a supervisor – Joshua will do his best to help you to write an excellent MA Thesis.”

“Encouraging, helpful, thought-provoking, well-organized and positively demanding are the associations that come to my mind whenever I recall my thesis seminar with dr Joshua Dubrow. I expected advice and met with vision, broad and thorough knowledge and an unprecedented kindness. It was a great honor and pleasure to have the possibility of development under Dr Dubrow’s guidance.  I’d be glad if more students had the opportunity of working with you. In fact, no words could express my gratitude, but thank you once again.”

“Writing a master’s thesis is not an easy task, as you will all eventually find out about, but with the help and dedication of dr Joshua Dubrow it will turn out to be much easier.”

“You were demanding when necessary but understanding when things weren’t going as smooth as they should have. You are an extremely knowledgeable and versatile lecturer, since our MAs covered subjects that went way beyond the curriculum. You motivated me to graduate. I would no doubt recommend your seminar to every student out there who feels ready to write something really original.”

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